HostNine Review

HostNine Review

August 31st, 2007

Great review of HostNine by Liam found on Web Hosting Talk.

6 Month Review Of HostNine

I thought I’d post a review of HostNine as my 6 month’s invoice came out yesterday.

I’ve been involved with web hosting for about 6-7 years or so. Over the course of the years, I’ve worked with a handful of hosting companies. I would say HostNine is one of, if not, the best hosting providers I’ve worked with.

I was leaving my last hosting provider as I had just out grown them and was time to move on. They weren’t the cheapest solution out there and I figured I could find a better deal else where. My search begin for another company to work with. I’m not a true reseller, I own a design studio and need hosting for my clients. I set out on my search for a new reseller host with larger plans at an affordable price. I also needed php4 and php5 support, something not all resellers’ offered.

I searched on here first (Web Hosting Talk), as I’ve come to trust the reviews on here a lot better than what’s on the internet. I happened to find an odd thread about HostNine. At the time, and even now to a point, they were a very young host and not too many reviews. I also came across an interview with the owner, Rick.

In the past, I’ve always chosen hosts that have been in the business a fair amount of time. I’ve never worked with a young, start up company. I decided to look past this issue this time. Rick seemed like a very honest and good person. A huge buying factor for me is trusting the person in charge. I’ve always felt as if the person(s) running the company was a stand up person, the service would reflect that. Rick seemed to fit this description perfectly after reading the interview and speaking with him on live chat. To me, having somebody you trust in charge, is more important than the length of time they’ve been in business. Everybody has to start out new at some point.

They offered everything I was looking for. A great value for my money, more than I could ask for.

In the past 6 months I’ve had minimum down time. I use a monitor to track the uptime and it’s never been down for more than 5mins at a time, with this happening less than 10 times. Most of which I’m sure are for reboots. The server load is always at a respectable load for the most part. I have noticed times where there seems to be a spike in the load, but this happens with all hosts/servers. Its never lasted for long periods of time either, rather just short bursts lasting a few minutes at best. It’s just part of the game when you’re hosted on a server with other users.

Support has been excellent. I’ve never in the last 6 months seen live chat not attended too. I’ve had to use it occasionally at all different hours of the day, and somebody has always been there to assist me.

Support tickets have always been answered in minutes from the few times I’ve had to use them. Support is fast and friendly. There have been the odd issue of the techs not reading the tickets thoroughly when the ticket is very long and detailed, or more than just a quick few sentences. I wouldn’t say this is a major problem though as it isn’t causing huge issues. Also, Rick has mentioned he let 2 techs go as they weren’t cutting it. One of which I know was guilty of this problem.

Support also goes out of their way to help you. By default SSH has to be enabled per request for each account. This is a pretty common thing I’ve seen in the business, you can argue whether it’s worth it or not for security issues. However, I asked Rick if this could be changed so I can set this personally for each account I create. Since all my accounts I make are for clients who’s websites I handle, this becomes a pain to email each time I need SSH turned on. Rick said it was no problem and set the permissions for me to handle this.

Also by default, overselling is not allowed. However, if you email support you can get this turned on. I prefer not allowing everybody this option by default, as it cuts back on server load. However, if you’re lucky enough to know this is an option, you can have it turned on. This makes my life easier as not being a true reseller, I don’t have set packages to sell, rather I need specific packages for each client. It’s just easier to have overselling enabled so I don’t have to worry about running out of resources since I make many packages.

So without a doubt I would recommend HostNine to anybody. The service and support has been great and I look forward to continuing my working relationship with them.

If you have tried out HostNine, we would love to hear your comments too.

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